OXY – Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme


OXY - Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme
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Main Features:

  • Files included: PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
  • Documentation: Well Documented
  • Layout: Responsive
  • Software version: WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.4.2, WordPress 4.4.1, WordPress 4.4, WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9
  • Compatible with: WPML, WooCommerce 2.5, WooCommerce 2.4.x, WooCommerce 2.3.x, WooCommerce 2.2.x, WooCommerce 2.1.x, Gravity Forms 1.8.x, Gravity Forms 1.7.x, Gravity Forms, Events Calendar, Visual Composer, Visual Composer 4.9.x, Visual Composer 4.9, Visual Composer 4.8.x, Visual Composer 4.7.4, Foundation 5
  • Compatible browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Framework: None
  • High resolution: Yes
  • Widget ready: Yes
  • Columns: 3

Oxy now full compatible of WooCommerce 2.5

OXY is a modern and fully responsive WordPress theme for any type of store, inspired by the best eCommerce solutions and designed with usability in mind.

Now you can create a fully functional store on WordPress!

OXY is built on Foundation Framework by Zurb which is currently known as the most powerful responsive framework.

You can change everything! The Most Powerful Theme Admin Panel with 600+ useful features, options and settings allows you to do extreme customizations without knowing any HTML or CSS.

OXY is the right solution for your online business. Your store will look amazing and will be loved by your customers!

Theme compatible with WordPress 3.5 – 4.0 and WooCommerce 2.1-2.2.7+

OXY Features

  • Layout
    • Foundation Framework – the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.
    • 100% Fully Responsive – Solid Flexible Responsive Layout that scales from 320px to 1440px.
    • You can disable responsive layout (<980px) in the theme admin panel.
    • Widescreens Support – Choose from three max width: 980, 1170 or 1440px.
    • Fluid Page Width.
    • Full Width or Boxed.
    • 1, 2 or 3 Columns for Each Page.
    • 3 Types of Product Images Format – vertical rectangle, square or horizontal rectangle.
    • Product Boxes with Slider or Grid visualization.
    • Built with Valid HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Header
    • Dynamic Logo position – Left / Center.
    • Dynamic Search Bar position – Left / Center / Right.
    • Auto-Suggest Search (on/off options).
    • Fixed Header (on/off options).
    • 8 Cart Icons.
  • Mega Menu
    • 4 Categories Display Variants – Horizontal / Horizontal with Icons / Vertical / All main categories on the menu bar.
    • 3 Brands Display Variants – Logo / Name / Logo + Name.
    • Custom Links (on/off options).
    • Custom Menu (on/off options).
    • Custom Blocks (on/off options).
    • Information Pages (on/off options).
    • Contact Us Block (on/off options).
  • Home Page
    • Category Wall (on/off options).
    • Brands Wall (on/off options).
    • 3 Flexible Sliders – Revolution Slider ($15 Value) / Camera Slider / Featured Products Slider.
  • Category Page
    • Grid and List view.
    • Advanced Auto-adapting Grid System – set 2, 3, 4, or 6 products in a row.
    • Quick View feature ($18 Value).
    • The product images size automatically adapts to the number of products in a row.
    • Swap Image effect (on/off options).
    • Zoom Image effect (on/off options).
    • Sale Badge – you can change the color.
    • Customizable Product Box – you can disable: product name, brand, price, “Add to Cart” button, rating stars, “Add to Wishlist” and “Add to Compare” links, zoom image effect, swap image effect, sale badge.
    • 3 Hover effect – Shadow / Color / Shadow + Color.
    • All elements in the product box can be aligned to the left or center (only grid view).
    • Category Description.
    • Subcategory Wall.
    • Filter by Price feature.
  • Product Page
    • 10 Layouts of the Product Page.
    • CloudZoom – Image Displaying System.
    • Zoom Button for CloudZoom.
    • 3 Feature Boxes (on/off options).
    • Related Products View – slider in right sidebar or bottom grid/slider.
    • Custom Tab (on/off options). You can add the same content for all products
      (not different content for each product)
    • Custom Block in right sidebar (on/off options).
    • Previous/Next navigation – you can navigate to previous or next product without going back to listing page.
    • Increment/Decrement a Quantity (on/off options).
    • Manufacturer Logo (on/off options).
    • Save Percent feature (on/off options).
    • Add to Wishlist feature.
    • Add to Compare feature.
    • Send to a Friend feature.
    • AddThis Social Media
  • Contact Page
    • Google Map with Pin Point (on/off options).
    • Contact Details with icons.
    • Custom Block (on/off options).
  • Footer
    • 4 Feature Boxes (on/off options).
    • About Us Block (on/off options).
    • Custom Column (on/off options).
    • Follow Us Block – 18 Social Media icons (on/off options).
    • Contact Us Block (on/off options).
    • Information Block (on/off options for each link).
    • “Powered By” Block (on/off options).
    • Payment Images – 15 payment images or custom (on/off options).
    • Bottom Custom Block (on/off options).
  • 4 Widgets
    • Facebook Widget (left/right position).
    • Twitter Widget (left/right position).
    • Video Widget (left/right position).
    • Custom Content Widget (left/right position).
  • Colors and Styles
    • The ability to change the color of almost 180 items.
    • Different Color Scheme for the Category Box, Left Column and Right Column.
    • Unlimited Colors (ColorPicker for backgrounds, texts, links, headings, prices, buttons, main menu and much more).
    • 276 included background patterns or upload your own.
    • 75 included transparent background patterns which can be combined with any color.
    • 8 Cart Icons.
  • Typography Options
    • Unlimited Google Fonts.
    • 10 Web Standard Fonts.
    • Body font family options.
    • Headings and Product Name font family, weight and uppercase.
    • Price font family, weight options.
    • Buttons font family, weight and uppercase options.
    • Search Bar font family, weight, size and uppercase options.
    • Cart font family, weight, size and uppercase options.
    • Main Menu font family, weight, size and uppercase options.
  • Other
    • Powerful Shortcodes with Product and Brand sliders.
    • Pop-Up Notifications with auto-close function.
    • Categories accordion.
    • “Scroll To Top” button (on/off options).
    • Custom CSS and JavaScript options.
  • General Info
    • Easy to install and customize.
    • Cross Browser compatible.
    • The Documentation with screenshots.
  • Extra Skins
    • Kids
    • Fashion
    • Sport
    • Food
  • Loading skins settings feature in the theme admin panel. You can load settings of selected skin with just one click and edit it freely.

  • Compatible with WordPress:
    • 3.5-3.9+
  • Release Note:

    For more details please check our change log file.

    23-06-2016[fix] wp-content	hemesoxywoocommercecontent-product.php ( Woocommerce 2.6.1)[fix]wp-content	hemesoxywoocommercecontent-product-cat.php ( Woocommerce 2.6.1)[fix]wp-content	hemesoxywoocommercesingle-product
    eview.php ( Woocommerce 2.6.1)[update] Latest revolution sldier update[update] Latest Visual composer update 4.12[fix] Cart page cross-sell products grids design fixings done. wp-content	hemesoxyfunctions.php and wp-content	hemesoxystyle.css files have been updated.
    27-04-2016[update] visual composer update for wp 4.5[update] revolution slider [fix] wpml ajax cart translation[fix] some bug
    24-01-2016[update] Visual composer [update] Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin [update] woocommerc 2.5 template file
     22-12-2015[update] Visual composer 4.9[update] Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin 5.1.5 Top dropdown menu issue with category and custom link has been solved. Changes made in wp-content	hemesoxyheader.php Google fonts loading requests reduced to just one. Changes made in wp-content	hemesoxyfunctions.php     Woocommerce update 2.4.9. Changes made in wp-content	hemesoxywoocommercesingle-productprice.php Custom Tab does not work in mobile devices. Changes made in wp-content	hemesoxywoocommercesingle-product	abs	abs.php       Ajax cart system integrated with header cart box, this eliminate the cart was not updating issue when page caching is enabled. Changes made in wp-content	hemesoxyfunctions.php   Category mega menu child item arrow display issue in mobile menu fixed in wp-content	hemesoxyjscommon.js       Category mega menu display in mobile menu upgraded in wp-content	hemesoxycss
    esponsive.css, wp-content	hemesoxyjscommon.js          Quickview add to cart not working and redirected to blank page issue solved in wp-contentpluginsjck_woo_quickviewassetsfrontendjckqv-scripts.min.js         Footer 1 Sidebar top border color not working issue solved in wp-content	hemesoxycsscustom-style.php         Enabled the function to disable ajax add to cart button in wp-content	hemesoxyfunctions.php         shop and product category page left and right sidebar took full width in tablet view, updated in wp-content	hemesoxywoocommercearchive-product.php 
     10-6-2015[update] Visual composer 4.7.4Category mega menu display in mobile menu upgraded in wp-content	hemesoxycss
    esponsive.css, wp-content	hemesoxyjscommon.jsQuickview add to cart not working and redirected to blank page issue solved in wp-contentpluginsjck_woo_quickviewassetsfrontendjckqv-scripts.min.jsFooter 1 Sidebar top border color not working issue solved in wp-content	hemesoxycsscustom-style.phpEnabled the function to disable ajax add to cart button in wp-content	hemesoxyfunctions.phpshop and product category page left and right sidebar took full width in tablet view, updated in wp-content	hemesoxywoocommercearchive-product.php
    26-8-2015jQuery.browser method has removed from jquery 1.9, $.browser method has replaced with javascript navigator.userAgent property in wp-content/themes/oxy/js/common.js.Header white background issue in mobile display, fixed wp-content/themes/oxy/css/style_small.css updated.Due to Tgm activation plugin update, wp-content/themes/oxy/functions.php updated.Due to fix oxy_product_cat shortcode improper category thumbnail size issue, wp-contentpluginssmart-shortcodeslibshortcodes.php updated. Now image size is compatible with woocommerce catalog image size
    08-11-2015[fix] WPML email issue[update] outdated file for 2.4.0
    [update] Included new version of WPBakery Visual Composer 4.4.3 and Revolution Slider 4.6.5.[fix]Updated wp-content/themes/oxy/css/foundation.css file due to select box appearance issue in google chrome browser.[fix]Updated wp-content/themes/oxy/style.css, wp-content/themes/oxy/css/custom_style.php, wp-content/themes/oxy/css/responsive.css and wp-content/themes/oxy/css/stylesheet.css files in order to resolve child product categories listing responsive issue on mobile devices and mobile nav menu expand button issues .[fix]Due to yith-woocommerce-wishlist plugin update, we've updated issue wp-content/themes/oxy/js/common.js file .[fix]Due to SEO and login area on top bar issues, we've updated wp-content/themes/oxy/header.php file .[new]Due to add a switch option to enable/disable login area on top bar, we've updated wp-content/themes/oxy/oxy-admin/options/general-options-settings.php file .[new]Due to child product category design issue on woocommerce product category page and shop page, we've updated issue wp-content/themes/oxy/woocommerce/content-product_cat.php file .[fix]Due to sidebars design issues on product category page and shop page, we've updated issue wp-content/themes/oxy/woocommerce/archive-product.php file .[fix]Eliminate conditional bug in oxy_product_brands shortcode between carousel & non-carousel mode in wp-content/plugins/smart-shortcodes/lib/shortcodes.php file .
    Woocommerce  2.3 full compatible .
    12-24-2014*visual composer new version update for wp 4.1
    9-17-2014*[bug-fix- function.php and woocomce paggination.php update.
    9-4-201*Update the demo xml

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