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WhizClassified – Classifieds CMS Created by dbcinfotech. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: WhizClassified has features such as High Resolution: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Software Version: PHP 5.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x .

You can use this WhizClassified – Classifieds CMS on Php scripts category for ads, application, bootstrap, buy, classified, classified ads, classified listing, classified script, classifieds, directory listing, listing, map, responsive, sell, whiz classifieds and another uses.

WhizClassified - Classifieds CMS
© Copyright by dbcinfotech

Main Features:

  • Video preview resolution: None
  • Software framework: CodeIgniter
  • Software version: PHP 5.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x
  • Compatible browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Files included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, LESS
  • High resolution: Yes

WhizClassified : Complete and easily manageable Classifieds CMS

Demo preview

WhizClassified features.

  • Choose between Layer Slider, Parallex Slider and Google Maps for the homepage
  • Layer Slide included with source (You save 11$)
  • Ajax Loading and searching on each pages, it reduces the loading time
  • Highly customizable script.
  • Classified CMS for any C2C e-commerce solution
  • Create custom categories to suit your business need (yes, as many as you like!).
  • Create categories and subcategories from the admin panel with lots of preloaded categories and subcategories
  • Locate your ads in google map.
  • Choose among 3 types of views (Grid, List and Map).
  • Sort ads for better viewing purpose.
  • View and manage all your users with their listed ads.
  • Advanced search option: tune your search with every possible option. Use filters on homepage to find ads in preferred condition.
  • View the detail of a ad with multiple slider images.
  • Facebook & Disqus comment plugin integrated. Choose between the most powerful review system.
  • Enable/disable user Sign up from the admin panel.
  • Enable/disable payment for Sign Up option from the admin panel.
  • Paypal integrated for each ad post by default.
  • Create and modify as many packages as you like for posts and featured ads
  • Google Map API v3 used.
  • Multi-language and multiple currency support.
  • Auto translation using MyMemory free api.
  • Not happy with auto translation? Customize the language file or import your own language.
  • Create and customize widgets of your own from the admin panel. Widgets can be integrated in Home page and sidebards throughout the application
  • Pre installed featured ads, top ads, top locations, facebook like box and top users widgets. There is also a category counter widget at home page
  • Responsive design (Works on any resolution device)
  • Easy backup system of your product. Don’t loose your valuable data.
  • Easy management of your blog, news and article section from the admin panel. Try to reach desired customers using social shares
  • Earn money by making a ad featured with payment option.
  • Bank transfer option for manual entry of ads
  • Edit and adjust automated email texts (confirmation, recovery etc.) to suit your needs.
  • Two user types (Business & Individual).
  • SEO support with SEO friendly URLs and customizable meta text and keywords for your pages.
  • Tag Support for ads with search on custom tags.
  • Log in with facebook if approved by the admin from the admin panel.
  • Google AdSense support for earning extra money
  • Google Analytics support
  • Email management with option to bulk reply
  • Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos for your cars to display the detailed information
  • Built in Sitemap generator with XML file

Admin features

  • Custom theme support
  • Settings for ad create, update, delete, filter from the All cars section
  • User Management
  • Custom categories and subcategories section to add categories and subcategories as you like
  • Custom Package creation with option to create different types of package
  • Email tracker section to manage the emails sent from dealer info form
  • Bulk email support for marketing purpose
  • Blog/Artcile/News management section
  • Custom widget management for sidebars
  • Custom plugin
  • Page creator & Menu Builder
  • Database backup support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Site settings section to manage all the settings from the backend

Advanced Review System

Choose between disqus and Facebook comment system. Set your desired review system from admin panel.

Location Searching

Search ads based on location easily through whiz classified CMS

Layer Slider Included

You save 11$ on Layer Slider JS version

Choose over 110+ Currencies

Publish Blog/News/Articles

The most advanced classifieds script helping users to maintain a blog/news/article section to present special offer to buyers. The blog/news/article section comes with the advanced sharing plugin on social networks. So no need of including third party blog sites.


Version 1.8.0 – 18.08.2016

-Review Added for Post-Powered by classifieds button removed-Updated to the latest map API-New geocoding mapping added-Supports google maps for all browser-Facebook API updated to the newest-All the 3rd Party Plugin updated-Rating system added to widget and detail page-Search function issue on admin panel > all posts page fixed [BUGFIX]-Language support for package currency improved-User export issue [BUGFIX]-View count problem solved [BUGFIX]-Add css pipelining settings-Fixed UTF32 issue upon installation[BUGFIX]-Fix map search view jquery issue[BUGFIX]

Version 1.7.0 – 15.03.2016

-Report Business button added-Single review for a business by a user-Email debugger option add-Get direction option added on detail page-Option added for turn off confirmation mail-Facebook API updated to the newest-Search function issue on admin panel > all posts page fixed [BUGFIX]-Add hide physical adress option to new and edit post form-Language support for packge currency added-Home page title issue fixed[BUGFIX]-Admin renew business issue fixed [BUGFIX]-Open and closing time issue fixed [BUGFIX]-Utf8 issue on print page fixed [BUGFIX]-Package currency rendering issue fixed [BUGFIX]-Search filter dropdown issue for android fixed [BUGFIX]

Version 1.5.0 – 10.07.2015

-Updated the PrettyPhoto plugin due to compulsory Enavto requirement. It is included in the Admin Panel Template and is not used anywhere in the script. So existing buyers can ignore this update.

Version 1.6.0 – 21.05.2015

-Option added to admin panel to disable the search bar and banner-Sub categories showing option added category page sidebar-Related ads option added on ad detail page-Upgrade delete function for posts , users, categories, sliders for deleting image files-Slider issue on detail page for RTL languages fixed[BUGFIX]-Add hide physical adress option to new and edit post form-Language support for packge currency added-Home page title issue fixed[BUGFIX]-Language translation support for locations added-Admin panel header and footer syncronized with site-Add translation support for month-Add post title on payment history table so that admin can find out easily-Reactivate option for admin for expired post added-Clear all emails option added for admin-Fixed email to user success message issue-Fixed UTF32 issue upon installation[BUGFIX]-Fix map search view jquery issue[BUGFIX]-Option added on admin panel for hiding user profile email and phone    

Version 1.5.0 – 07.05.2015

-Add captcha on signup form-Print view character borken problem for unicode[BUGFIX]-Fix disable signup issue-Added Google or My memory translator switching option-Fix lot of city loading issue for the search box on home page-Add big image while sharing via facebook-Hide phone number and email option added with each post-Fix map json error for non formatted data[BUGFIX]-Link up the profile image to user profile on post detail page-Added google get direction api with detail page map-Some design issue fixed[BUGFIX]-Add css pipelining settings

Version 1.4.0 – 27.04.2015

-Redirect after user creation issue fixed[BUGFIX]-Upload min dimension error message changed-'Contact for price' issue on detail page view[BUGFIX]-Add 'View on front' link added with each post on admin panel-Clean extra codes & assets-Replace jquery chosen plugin to jquery select2 plugin -Add option for switching City text field and dropdown-Package title is now translateable-Add email debugger option-Added ajax pagination for posts and cities on admin panel-Added expiration date column on all posts on admin panel-Phone number not showing issue fixed [BUGFIX]-Bulk email bug fixed [BUGFIX]-Export email issue fixed [BUGFIX]-Gallery image was not loading first time on smartphone [BUGFIX]-Add phone  with contact email issue fix [BUGFIX]-View count problem solved [BUGFIX]

Version 1.3.0 – 2.04.2015

-Bulk email link fixed on admin panel.[BUGFIX]-Fix post detail page rtl design.[BUGFIX]-RTL design fix for admin panels.[BUGFIX]-Fix unicode url bug.[BUGFIX]-Installation bug fix for php 5.2.[BUGFIX]-Fixed submenu collapse problem on mobile view.[BUGFIX]-Show categories on alphabetical order on front end.[ADDITION]-Fix default language change bug.[BUGFIX]-Fix User type issue while editing user.[BUGFIX]-Recovery password link issue solved.[BUGFIX]-Hide social button on users and user detail page if not available.[BUGFIX]-Fix title and description lost issue.[BUGFIX]

Version 1.2.0 – 1.03.2015

-Change uploader progress bar [BUGFIX] -Hide post detail on front end once deleted [BUGFIX]-Fixed country delete issue [BUGFIX]-Fixed banner type changing issue [BUGFIX]         -Fixed facebook login issue for not enough permission[BUGFIX]-Fixed Admin panel font loading for ssl[BUGFIX]

Version 1.1.0 – 26.02.2015

-Choosen dropdown image css bug fixed [BUGFIX] -Move Google Map css to a config file for new and edit post form [BUGFIX]-<b>Add bulk uploader for gallery images [NEW FEATURE]</b>-Add delete button and order sorting for gallery uploader [NEW FEATURE] -Solved create time update bug for categories table[BUGFIX]-Solved paging and location bug for advance search[BUGFIX]-Fix all members page design for mobile devices[BUGFIX]

Version 1.0.0 – 19.02.2015

- Initial Release


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