Taskfeed Project Management Software

Taskfeed Project Management Software Created by shahnewaz-rifat. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Taskfeed has features such as High Resolution: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Software Version: PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.x .

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Taskfeed Project Management Software
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Main Features:

  • Video preview resolution: 800×600
  • Software framework: CodeIgniter
  • Software version: PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.x
  • Compatible browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Files included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, LESS, Layered PNG
  • High resolution: Yes


Taskfeed PE v1.45 now available! Supports UTF 8 / Unicode application wide! Please upgrade now


Taskfeed is a Project Management Software built upon ideas and experiences from real life project cycle and interactions. Over the years I’ve used many Project Management tools. While many of them served the purpose right, I found them bloated or overly complicated at times.

I realized that, Task/Project Management software can do a world of good if there was a Team Environment. A way to keep it simple, clean and elegant. Taskfeed is meant for TeamWork. Create your team and manage your projects together! Get notified on the go and have fun organizing your ever so cluttered project queue.

Taskfeed Currently features (but is not limited to)

  • Responsive UI
  • Invitation to join Taskfeed/Your Project by email.
  • Creating your own team to work with.
  • Apps for To-Do, Milestones and Discussion.
  • Attachment in discussion.
  • Threaded Discussion View.
  • Email Notification for all major events on a project.
  • Runs on simple Apache Server
  • User Roles as Project Owner and Contractors.
  • Managing your priority Queue
  • Task Calendar.
  • Public 3D Business Card!
  • Task and Project Management Panels.

Manage Your Team!

Create and manage your team easily with TaskFeed! Just type in the email address or username of the person you want in your team and hit ENTER! If the useris already in Taskfeed, he’ll get notified immediately, if he’s not, the system will send an invitation to the email address and request him/her to join TAKSFEED.In Taskfeed or not, after registration and logging in, there will be the notification waiting and reminding the user to join your team!


The TASKFEED dashboard is your hub to link up all the happenings at Taskfeed that you care. You can jump onto all the discussionsToDo and milestones directly from the Dashboard links. You can view the Task Calendar too. All the actions of Taskfeed can be accessedfrom the colorful buttons on the right side bar.

Manage Your Task

Shows you all the projects you are currently working on. Quickly access and browse through your current projects or take required actions. You mayleave any project from this window when and if you need to.

Manage Your Projects

As the title says, it lets you manage all your projects. You can view, jump to discussion or remove a project from here.

Discussion APP

Inside every project, you can install the DISCUSSION App. Helps you keep connected with the contractors and discuss about whats going on or what needs to be done.You and the other parties can attach files and screenshots and whatever needed to assist the progress of the project.

ToDo App

Inside every app you may install the ToDo app. Add new ToDo, set their priority and your team members will get notified!

MileStone App

Inside every app you may install the MileStone app.Set Targets for the project contractors with a timeline and notify them by email!

Priority Queue!

A great feature to create a project RoadMap for yourself or for your contractors! It acts like a ROADMAP or a NOTES app or most importantly a PRIORITY QUEUE for your contractors and you.Create a priority queue, add items and rearrange them by drag N’ drop! Then share it easily with other TaskFeed Team Members! It’s really fun and effective!

Project Dashboard

The Right SideBar of any project page provides At-A-Glance overview of any project. Like who is working, who’s online right now, how many days remaining for this project. The project owners can also Add/Remove Contractors from this window!

Quick Launch

Quick Launch lets you access all the major features in Taskfeed from anywhere. Quickly create a new project and then jump on to your tasks/Projectsagain!

Business Card!

The public business card will help to create an eco-system where you can find professional contractors and use Taskfeed as a freelancing resource in future!

Demo Login

Though you can actually register for a new account and login at Taskfeed.net, here’s a demo login showing all standard features

IMPORTANT! : To everyone, if you can, please don’t use the DEMO login. I’m getting thousands of emails in my inbox to keep it alive. Also, you’re missing :

  • The Email Notification System
  • Synchronization Pattern Taskfeed Uses.

So, please register new account(s) and test it fully to experience the difference.

Contractor Login

Login : beta_tester
Password : 123456

Project Owner Login

login : demo-user
Password : 123456



UPDATED TO V1.45 ! :

  • Added UTF-8 or Unicode Support Application Wide.

UPDATED TO V1.41 ! :

  • Minor but important bug fixes!
  • Intelligent UPDATER + Installer!


  • Intelligent UPDATER + Installer!
  • Project Progress
  • Revamped Theme.
  • Notification Cleaner.
  • More UI changes and Features!

UPDATE! v1.3

Change Log :

  • Small Bug Fixes
  • Now Supports “Mark Project As Finished”.
  • More Customization Scope.

UPDATE v1.1!!

Change Log :

  • Small Bug Fixes.
  • Allows Modification and Customization as much as you need.

Please add more FEATURE REQUESTS in the comments section to Enhance Taskfeed! I’m listening to you!