Realcon Real Estate Property Listing

Realcon Real Estate Property Listing Created by dbcinfotech. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Realcon has features such as High Resolution: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Software Version: PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x .

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Realcon Real Estate Property Listing
© Copyright by dbcinfotech

Main Features:

  • Video preview resolution: None
  • Software framework: CodeIgniter
  • Software version: PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x
  • Compatible browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Files included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, LESS
  • High resolution: Yes

Realcon : Complete and easily manageable property listing script

The new updated version is 3.7. It is the most powerful update yet.

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What People Are Saying About Realcon

Real Estate Listing features.

  • Listed a cool property? Let others know! Use the embed code to post adds of your property to reach more people on personal and public blogs, websites and forums.
  • Highly customizable script.
  • Create custom property types to suit your business need (yes, as many as you like!).
  • Create custom fields for your property (e.g. floor number in case of rental or whatever you may need).
  • Create amenities and distance fields from the admin panel with icons
  • Locate your property in google map.
  • Choose among 3 types of views (Grid, List, Map).
  • Choose from 2 Types of banner available for homepage (Slider, Map View with Common Search Option).
  • Sort property listings for better viewing purpose.
  • View and manage all your agents with their listed properties.
  • Advanced search option: tune your search with every possible option. Use location search to find properties in preffered location. Make use of the radius field to find properties in nearby areas.
  • View the detail of a property with multiple slider images.
  • Enable/disable agent signup from the admin panel.
  • Enable/disable payment for signup option from the admin panel.
  • Paypal integrated for signup payment by default.
  • Create and modify as many packeges as you like for agent signup.
  • Google Map API v3 used with geocoding enabled.
  • Multi-language and multiple currency support.
  • Auto translation using Mymemory free api.
  • Not happy with auto translation? Customize the language as per your need.
  • Create and customize widgets of your own from the admin panel.
  • Pre installed featured property, top property, type filter , purpose filter and top agents widgets.
  • Responsive design (Works on any resolution device)
  • Easy backup system of your product. Don’t loose your valuable data.
  • Easy management of your blog, news and article section from the admin panel.
  • Earn money by making a property featured with payment option.
  • Bank transfer option for manual entry of agent
  • Edit and adjust automated email texts (confirmation, recovery etc.) to suit your needs.
  • Two user types (Admin, Agent).
  • SEO support with SEO friendly URLs and customizable meta text and keywords for your pages.
  • Tag Support for properties with search on custom tags.
  • Log in with facebook if approved by the admin from the admin panel.
  • Google AdSense support for earning extra money
  • Google Analytics support
  • Email management with option to bulk reply
  • Upload brochure with each of your property to provide detailed information for better customer experience
  • Built in RSS feed generator

Grid, List or Map Layout

Admin features

  • Settings for estate create, update, delete, filter
  • Agent Management
  • Custom Amenity creation with icons
  • Custom Package creation
  • Custom theme support
  • Custom widget management for sidebars
  • Custom plugin
  • Page creator & Menu Builder
  • Database backup support
  • Multi language support
  • Multi Currency support
  • SMTP support added
  • Easy asset and database SQL backup

Custom Amenities with Icons

Choose over 110+ Currencies

Multi-Language support over 51+ Languages using Google Translate API & Memory API

Simply paste the language Google shortcode and the API will do the rest.

Not happy with the auto translate result?
Tune the language keys as you like to make custom words.

Most Advanced searching for your estates

Realcon comes with the most advanced search for properties. Properties can be searched based on the location and Geocoding in implemented to search the properties between a radius. There is also plain search to easily find properties based on keywords and tags. Also there is beautiful custom filter section to narrow down your search properly.

Embed your Estate card to external website

Our latest feature comes with a embed option of estate card. Simply click the Embed option in your property details page and the popup will show a Embed iframe code. Simply paste the embed code anywhere you like throughout the internet. You can advertise your estate.

Locate your estate location easily

Realcon is developed on the most powerful map API Google Map API v3. Easily type the address fields and the map will Pinpoint the location using the map API. Not happy with the results, drag the map pointer to point the exact location of your estate. Or you can manually give Latitude and Longitude of a estate.

Add custom distance fields along with Energy Efficiency Rating for your estate

Publish Blog/News/Articles

The most advanced real estate script helping agents to maintain a blog/news/article section to present special offer to buyers. The blog/news/article section comes with the advanced sharing plugin on social networks. So no need of including third party blog sites.


Note for existing buyers: If existing buyers do any kind of code customization on the realcon application, please make sure that you followed the customization guidline given in the ‘Source Code Explanation’ section and follow the following steps to update:

Step 1:

  1. Backup your existing project
  2. Download the mini update pack from our server: or you can find the update pack in CodeCanyon product file zip.
  3. Go to Admin Panel > Upload. Locate the Zip file. And click upload and install.

Step 2: This step is a more manual one

  1. Backup your existing project
  2. Download the mini update pack from our server: or you can find the update pack in CodeCanyon product file zip.
  3. Unzip the update pack titled “”
  4. Replace ROOT/application directory with application directory [Merge and replace]
  5. Replace ROOT/dbc_config directory with dbc_config directory [Merge and replace]
  6. Replace ROOT/system directory with system directory [Merge and replace]
  7. Open “update.sql” file and replace all “db_tabprefix” with your database table prefix
  8. import the sql file from phpmyadmin

Note: Please create a sql backup before update. Also if any custom work is done on you script then please replace files carefully so that your custom works do not loose. If possible take a file backup also. Step 1 is a much easier method.

Version 3.7.0 – 22.08.2016

- Google Map API updated to the latest- Admin can now remove agents permanently- Direction Service added in Detail View- Banner Settings View fixed- Language now read from YML file rather than database- All the 3rd party plugin updated to the latest- Assets file minified- Improved SEO support- Google map javascript[bugfix]- Advance search page not working on chrome bug [bugfix]- Manual transaction activation [bugfix]- Email tracker link bug [bugfix]- Paypal Redirection [bugfix]- RTL problem [bugfix]- Tiny MCE URL problem [bugfix]

Version 3.6.0 – 22.03.2016

- Agents now can delete their estates permanently- Facebook login update to the latest api- Email confirmation enable/disable option added- Pay Later option addded for registered user- Language now read from YML file rather than database- Easily editable language file added- Caching layer added for language files- Permanent delete agents- Improved SEO support- Admin can now delete agent [bugfix]- Decrease featured expire checking time [bugfix]- Manual transaction activation [bugfix]- Email tracker link bug [bugfix]- Payment error on 0 packages[bugfix]- Advance search page not working on android browser [bugfix]- El-capitan OSX safari page break [bugfix]- RTL option on admin section [bugfix]- Icon upload issue for amenities and distance fields [bugfix]

Version 3.5.0 – 10.07.2015

-Updated the PrettyPhoto plugin due to compulsory Enavto requirement. It is included in the Admin Panel Template and is not used anywhere in the script. So existing buyers can ignore this update.

Version 3.5.0 – 20.01.2015 (update: 11 )

- Multilanguage support for Custom pages [see important updates section on documentation]- Admin Panel now also has language switching option- Advanced Datatable integrated for All estates view- Add configuration for thousand seperator [see important updates section on documentation]- Hide slider effect if one image on detail page- Add date on all emails page on backend email tracker- Improved SEO support- Agent can't delete his own property [bugfix]- Decrease featured expire checking time [bugfix]- Manual transaction activation [bugfix]- Email tracker link bug [bugfix]- Remove not editable page from database [bugfix]- Transparent background upload problem [bugfix]- Advance search page not working on chrome bug [bugfix]- Distance field icon is not chainging bug [bugfix]- lang_key deletation problem [bugfix]- Menu is not responsive on mobile detail page [bugfix]- Reactivate property- Print view character encoding error [bugfix]- Icon upload issue for amenities and distance fields [bugfix]

Version 3.4.0 – 19.11.2014 (update: 10 )

- Loan calculator widget, you can check for reference <a href='' target='_blank'>Here</a>- Property review section, now receive feedback on your estates through facebook comments- Registration as private owner added- Auto translation for title and description- Negotiable price settings- Change user email from admin panel- Sitemap- Already rented property ribbon should say 'Rented' - Show message for IE8- Add property link with agent email- Show version on admin panel- Place featured estates on top of recent estates- Radius search query [bugfix]- Show default selected price on advance search page [bugfix]- Admin approval bug [bugfix]- Slider and map view variable problem [bugfix]- Package price and featured price currency problem [bugfix]- Home page find your place search functionality ambiguity [bugfix]- Update time bug [bugfix]- RTL problem [bugfix]- Tiny MCE URL problem [bugfix]

Version 3.3.0 – 02.10.2014 (update: 9 )

- Capcha security added in front end forms, Now it is safe against spamming- Carousel added in homepage for featured properties- Slider changed in property details page. It now has a improved slider- New and improved RTL changes- Show estates in desc order on Admin Panel > All Estates View- Make Paypal disable but not the bank transfer- Show distance in minutes- Min height problem fix on homepage and responsive designs [bugfix]- Active menu color [bugfix]- Print view layout for potrait view [bugfix]- Approve user from admin panel bug [bugfix]- Num of posts per page for home page [bugfix]- RSS feed bug [bugfix]

Version 3.2.0 – 08.09.2014 (update: 8 )

- RSS feed added- More language keys added- All agents widget 'View More' link [bugfix]- List, Grid, Detail view estate size digit fixed [bugfix]- Featured image error msg [bugfix]- Currency icon change on create and edit view [bugfix]- Default language select [bugfix]- Header language selector Menu in default [bugfix]- Header bar text color chnager not working [bugfix]- Make Google Analtycal field optional [bugfix]- photo with JPG extension upload problem resolved [bugfix]

Version 3.1.0 – 04.09.2014 (update: 7)

- Feature: Plain Search widget, now search directly from your sidebar- Feature: Advanced Seacrh widget, now narrow down your seacrh result from the sidebar- Bugfix: Map view card currency not updated- Bugfix: Bug on the mini update pack- Bugfix: Other minor bug fix

Version 3.0.0 – 01.09.2014 (update: 6)

- Feature: Article, Blog, News support comes with the script- Feature: Add nearby places with distances for each estates- Feature: Add as many as you like custom fields with our regular estate fields [see documentation to use custom fields]- Feature: Innovative ammenities filtering on advanced search page- Feature: PayPal payment for making a item featured to earn more money- Feature: SMTP settings, preventing mails from getting into Spam- Feature: Latest articles/news/blog posts added to homepage example- Feature: Export user list for news letter purpose, making marketing more easy- Feature: Add cutom types for property [see documentation to use custom types]- Feature: Agent search on all agent page- Feature: Embed estate on option on any external pages/blogs/forums, make your estate visible for everyone- Feature: Energy efficiency rating added for each estate- Feature: Search for properties near your address directly form google map- Feature: Auto-suggest search based on City, State, County- Feature: Bank Transfer option added along with Paypal- Feature: Backup module added, for images and database- Feature: More SEO friendly url- Feature: Translation language file added, translate easily from language file and admin section using Google Translate and My Memory API- Feature: Automatic language file added while using auto translate [see documentation to use language file]- Feature: More currencies added to our existing currency list- Feature: Bank transfer added for manual transition of credits while signup- Feature: Google AdSense support added in Admin, earn additional money with your website with various positions in script- Improvement: If there is no data in 'About Me' section of agents it will be shown blank input- Improvement: Search functionality added on all estate page- Improvement: Hide tags section in estate details when there are no tags- Bugfix: Package creation default currency not working- Bugfix: All estates status filter

Version 2.3.0 – 22.08.2014 (update: 5)

- Feature: Agent email management. Manage and Track all the email sent from the estate detail page- Feature: Bulk reply mail from the admin panel to potential customers for marketing purpose- Feature: Brochure upload for estate (pdf, doc and docx format). Downloadable from estate detail page- Feature: Google Analtycal support. Add analtycal code from Admin Panel > System > Site Settings- Improvement: Pretty url on Type and Purpose filters- Improvement: Remove carousel and image gallery if no photo uploaded on estate detail view- Improvement: SEO friendly url now supports non Roman characters- Bugfix: Agent Panel -> All Properties filter problem- Bugfix: Banner slider image transition- Bugfix: Nearby distance filter

Version 2.2.0 – 12.08.2014 (update: 4)

- Feature: Price formatting added to price on property view- Feature: From and To date field added for property while option Rent- Improvement: Show/Hide admin as agent settings added- Improvement: Hide agents social links icon if not available- Bugfix: Property deletion from admin fixed- Bugfix: Agent Permission Issue fixed- Bugfix: Facebook share link on property details view

Version 2.1.0 – 04.08.2014 (update: 3)

- Feature: Admin can now edit the details of any agent- Improvement: Recovery email from admin added- Improvement: Facebook signup for paid subscribers- Improvement: Agent panel change package link added- Improvement: If a package is changed previous packages post and time limit will be reset- Bugfix: Facebook login error- Bugfix: Print Layout- Bugfix: Currency Changer on detail view of property- Bugfix: 404 page after package deletion

Version 2.0.0 – 03.08.2014 (update: 2)

- Feature: RTL text settings on admin and front view- Feature: Settings added for show/hide posts after package expiration- Feature: Free package creation- Feature: Facebook login- Feature: RTL LTR settings auto detect with language- Feature: Tags field added for properties with tag search options- Improvement: Make feature and remove feature only for admin- Improvement: Upgrade package link on agent panel- Bugfix: Plain Search- Bugfix: Signup link on login dialog- Bugfix: 404 page design- Bugfix: Title and meta tags on property detail page- Bugfix: Show/Hide page in menu- Bugfix: Agent detail link on agent widgets- Bugfix: List View load problem

Version 1.1.0 – 28.07.2014 (update: 1)

- Bugfix: State and City search bug fixed on advance search. - Bugfix: List view price currency showed based on admin settings.- Improvement: Title length shorten while title is very long on frontend views.- Improvement: If title or description not found for any language then title and description will be shown using default language.- Improvement: Agents will be redirected to home after logout.


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