QuickValidate Created by deepesh. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: – Current .

You can use this QuickValidate on Php scripts category for data validation, form validation, input validation and another uses.

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Main Features:

  • Software framework: N/A
  • Software version: PHP 5.x
  • Files included: PHP
  • Compatible browsers: Chrome 4, Chrome 5, Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari

– Current version1.0

– IntroductionQuickValidate v1.0 is a PHP class consisting of optimized validation functions which can be used for your data validation. This class can be used for your form validation either on the server side or can be called from the client side via ajax calls, but the processing will happen only on server side. The return type of the functions are boolean so you only have to check true or false and adjust the flow based on return value.

– Validation functionsFollowing are the different validation functions available with QuickValidate

1. alnum : Validates alphanumeric character.

2. alpha : Validates alphabetic characters.

3. amex : Validate American Express card number.

4. boundary : Validate number between min and max range

5. controlchar : Validate string has control character.

5. daterange : Validate given date is between a date range

6. diners : Validate Diners Club card number

7. discover : Validate Dicover card number

8. email : Validate basic Email addresses.

9. hex : Validate given string is Hex

10. ipv4 : Validate IPv4 address.

11. ipv6 : Validate IPv6 address.

12. jcb : Validate JCB card number

13. lower : Validate lower case alphabets

14. mastercard : Validate Master Card number

15. numeric : Validate Numeric characters

16. ssn : Validate Social Security Numbers.

17. timerange : Validate given time is between a time range on current date

18. upper : Validate upper case characters.

19. url : Validate common url formats.

20. visa : Validate Visa card number

For Demo, please visit @ http://voidweb.com/demo/quickvalidate/demo.php

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