Paypal Payment Form with Admin Panel

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Paypal Payment Form with Admin Panel
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[UPDATED] 8 March 2014

Paypal order form. You can integrate this script into yourexisting site and be able to accept credit card and paypal paymentsfrom your website. You have the option to use a database-backed versionof this script or a non-database version that would serve just to accept payments and not save details on your administration panel. You canset a currency of your choice or leave it in USD.

USERS/CLIENTS:Have the option to select a pre-set amount from the dropdownor specify a different price. Also along with the payment, payercan send you a message related to the payment he’s sending,maybe describing what the payment was for or just a randommessage.

ADMIN PANEL:The administration panel is password protected and the transactionhistory is only visible by you. You can get track of payments receivedand also view all the details about the payment like:Payer’s EmailPayer’s physical address, city, countryPayment AmountTransaction IDPayment DateMessage sent from the payer.

To make things easy I’ve included a search option when you can narrow down results based on a search criteria like:Payer’s NamePayer’s EmailTransaction IDAmount

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