Multi Level Marketing Professional

Multi Level Marketing Professional Created by SmartTechie. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Multilevel marketing is a professional script which allows you to start your own online business, more then that you can also use this script for promoting the products. It is the procedure to start your own earning website, as a side business or even multipurpose. This script will help you to earn .

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Multi Level Marketing Professional
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Main Features:

  • Video preview resolution: None
  • Software framework: None
  • Software version: PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x
  • Compatible browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Files included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • High resolution: Yes

Multilevel marketing is a professional script which allows you to start your own online business, more then that you can also use this script for promoting the products. It is the procedure to start your own earning website, as a side business or even multipurpose. This script will help you to earn money online and you can start your own MLM system. This script is totally based on MLM system.

Do you need a system where you can Do following:
1. Referral Earnings
2. No Of Refferals
3. Create packages with renew date/expirydate
4. Charge to join packages or even you can create free packages
5. Track earnings upto level 20
5. Send Notifications to All Users
6. Paypal Gateway to Accept Payments
7. Payza Payment Gateway8. SOLIDTRUSTPAY Payment Gateway9. Cash On Delivery Option as payment gateway


Admin—> created a package for 10$ -> visitor buys a package -> he becomes the member of your website. -> Now when this member refers a visitor and he buys this package under sponsor -> then the referral will be paid (Referral amount would be set by admin) and so on.

Live Demo URL

Member URL :

Username – demodemodemoPassword – 123456789

Admin URL :

Username – adminadminPassword – 123123123

What are the features of this script?
1. Login system
2. Signup System
3. Forgot password recovery
4. Referral system
5. Admin panel
6. Pay upto 20 levels to referrals
7. More Security
8. Fast support system
9. Users can earn money
10. Users can send payment request
11. Theme included (No need to design any theme)
12. Easy integration
13. Customized programing
14. Comments system for every code of line
15. Advertisements can be placed on any page, to earn maximum money
16. Profile pages included – Users can update their profiles easily
17. Users can see his/her down line
And several more…

It is the simple 10 min installation process script which allows you to run own referral marketing website.

This script will allow to:
1. Register users on your website and you can pay signup bonus and referrals upto 20 levels.
2. Users will get money on making referrals. You can set amount for per referral.
3. They can give payment request through their account when they reached minimum payout level. (Level can set by you)

How this script works?
Ans: Lets say Admin created multiple packages for $10, $20, $30. Now Visitor signup for a package under any referral, then referral would be paid for referring the successful visitor.
Its a simple referral based marketing where you can distribute the money over several levels of referral.

How many packages can admin create?
Ans: Admin can create unlimited packages.

Which payment gateway it supports?
Ans: PayPal Payment Gateway And Cash On Delivery.

How many referral levels are there?
Ans: There are 20 levels in the script, i.e. you can pay up-to 20 levels for each signup.

Can admin send any notification to all user just like news or MSG? Ans: Yes, there is notification center for user where they can see latest posts, msgs or notifications.

Can admin manipulate users? Ans: Yes admin have full authority to manipulate users details by login into admin account.


1. Promote your products with the help of this marketing system.
2. Promote your services with the help if this marketing system.
3. Earn money even without offering even any kind of product or service.

Are You Ready ?

1. To flood your PayPal account with this marketing script. 2. To start your own Referral Website3. Earn and share money

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Changelog xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


**Payment Method Added        a) Optimized Paypal        b) Optimized Payza        c) Optimized Solid Trust Pay**Bug Fixes**Fixed Bug On Page /User/success.phpFixed Minor CSS Issues**File Update**    1) User/success.php

Version (Beta)

**Bug Fixes**    - Some known bug Fixes And Improvement    - Some performance updates    - Now there would not be different payment gateways for different packages. Central payment gateway settings will work for all packages.    **New Feature**    - Now user can pay on registration page via        a) Paypal        b) Payza        c) Solid Trust Pay        d) Cash on delivery    - Users can now pay with above methods during renewal of their account    - Payment Gateway Settings can be updated on setting page in admin    - Script now faster    - now with google translator    - now suport maximum languages    - now support HTTPS connection    - address is now optional field during registration    Run user/updatesql.php in server before updating the files.

Version (Beta) 1st September 2015

    **Bug Fixes**    - Some known bug Fixes And Improvement    **New Feature**    - Donline View Update To Level 10    **File Update**    1) User/downline.php

Version (Beta) 28th August 2015

        **Database Structure**    - Database structure has been updated and optimized,please update sql first, otherwise you will be flooded with the errors.    **Bug Fixes**    - Some bug Fixes And Improvement    **New Feature**    - Now You can create package with decimal price, bonuses, referral amounts. Like $1.99 or $0.09    - Run file : User/updatesql.php in browser to update the changes in backend for decimal feature.    **File Update**        - List Given In Internal Changelog File.

Version 2.5.3 | 30th June 2015

    **Bug Fixes**    - Fixed background all screen resolutions (previously it was repeating)    - Fixed Session warning on signup page, headers only sent was coming.    - Added File renewgatewayck.php file, it was missing in previous version    - Changed Color of text on index,signup and some another pages at footer    - Fixed a single warning for some users on dashboard page    - Added downline view suport till level 8 now    - Tweaked Profile Page, now user will see his bank details in his profile page    - Fixed one bug on user's downline page (Credit goes to purchaser - farliscom)    - Updated file Affiliate_Link_On_Index_Page.txt    **File Update**    List given in internal changelog file.    **File Added**    List given in internal changelog file.

Version | 19th June 2015

Version (Stable) | 20 June 2015    **Bug Fixes**    - Fixed Wrong delete user URL    - Rename SQL file name to Install Me.sql, previosly it was creating confusion.    **File Update**    1) Admin/users.php

Version (Stable) | 14 June 2015

Bug Fixes-Fixed Wrong Paypal URL
File Update1) User/thankyou.php

Version (Stable) | 12 June 2015

****This upgrade would bring whole New experience For Registered Members, New Look-New Feel, Admin Theme Upgrade would be done in next update********Members upgradation is first priority for us between admin/member, thats why we upraded the members area first******** Put your members' login and signup on maintenance during the updation of the script(settings given in admin settings), for flowless update**** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          **Database Structure**    - Database structure has been updated and optimized,please update sql first, otherwise you will be flooded with the errors.     **Files Deleted**     Delete below files, they are of no use, Do it before they can be misused by other person, we have made this script more relaible     01) User/loginproc.php     02) User/signupck.php     03) User/forgotpasswordck.php     04) User/sendmail.php     05) User/     06) User/profileupdateuser.php    **Bug Fixes**    - Fixed Bug while requesting payment by user. (headers already sent warning was shown)    - Fixed Wrong Country Shown On Admin Dashboard Page.    - Fixed Wrong Name Sent in E-Mails (like localhost or your server name) During Signup, Now will be used to send emails    - Fixed Wrong Name Sent in E-Mail During Password Request, Now will be used to send emails    - Some Security Patches On Forgot Password Page    - Some Security Patches On Login Page    - Xss Attacks Fixed On Two Pages    - Fixed Invoice Print Alignment    - Fixed Small Warning while adding bonus and referral money to their accounts    - Removed irrelevent data printing on page while upgrading the user's account    - Fixed wrong data on user's downline page in Level 5 (Credit Goes To purchaser - Bradesko  )    - Fixed wrong data on user's downline page in Level 6 (Credit Goes To purchaser - Bradesko  )    - Fixed Some bug/warnings On page during uprgading the user. (faced by some of members)    - Overall Mailing System Improved     - Fixed Bug On Signup Page (Wrong href link was given)    - Fixed Warning on forgot password page on some servers     - More Validations On Login Page    - More Validations On Signup Page    - More Validations On Forgot Password Page    - More Validations On Profile Page    - Some Internal CSS tweaks, for better responsive on tabs and phones    - Fixed SQL Error on Signup page, when no package is created, faced by some users.    - Removed Irrelevent Data On Invoice Page In Left Menu.    - Fixed Warning On Contact Page In Member Area    - Fixed Wrong Mail Routing On Contact Page In Member Area    - Performance Updates On Dashboard Page Of Member    - Updated Installation Steps.txt file    - Updated Update Instructions.txt file    - Fixed, missing menus in user profile page    - Added Validation On Renew Account Page    - Fixed - Error wil be thrown when username not found on same page on renewaccount.php, previously it shows on another and looks like buggy.    - Revamped Renew Account Page    - Fixed login page error message for password, reduced from 8 to 6 characters.    - Fixed Session warning on paypal payment page    - Improved Paypal Payment Gateway    **New Features**    - Now able to delete user from many pages instead of only one page.    - Now Admin Able To Update All Feilds in His Profile Page, Previosly It was disabled Bcoz Of Security Reasons. (Now We enable It On Users Demand)    - Added List Of Countries During Signup, Instead Of Custom Input    - Added Option For custom footer, Now set your own footer on all pages, Like 'Made With Love :)' or with your company name.    - Added Option For Custom Header, Now Set Your Own Header On All Pages, act As Company Name Only for Top Left Right Corner     - Added Ability To Show Status if website is under maintenance or live in admin panel     - New Header     - New Footer    - Now During Forgot Password request, Instead Of Sending Old Password On E-Mail, Now New AlphaNumeric Password generated randomly, Will Be Sent.    - Custom E-Mail Text    - Added ability to see earnings levelwise in downline page of User. (Credit Goes To purchaser - Bradesko  )    - Added ability to add signup Benefits and referral creditions during renewal his account, thats optional for admin. (Credit Goes To purchaser - Bradesko  )    - Fresh New Login Page, Now More Faster And Efficient    - New Way to get login, and show messages during login     - New Signup Page, New Look and Feel    - Now Signup is more faster and efficient    - New Forgot Password Page, New Design, New Look, New Feel And Now faster execution    - Revamped And New Renew Account Page, new feel, faster execution    - Faster Execution Of Contact Page    - Revamped User Dashboard    - Revamped User's Profile Page    - Revamped Renew Account Page    - Admin will receive a mail when new member signup via paypal    - Admin will receive a mail new COD order     **File(s) Change/Update/Additions/**    -Several New Files are Added, Please Upload Whole Package Again To Update Folders And Files    -Several Files are Updated, Please Upload Whole Package Again To Update Folders And Files

Version | 21 May 2015

    **Bug Fixes**    - Some Known Bugs Fixed    - Some Performance Updates    - Username Login/Signup Bug Fixed for 6 or 8 characters in username, Now Fixed To 6 Characters.    -     **New Features**    - Added ability to allow affiliate url  to work on index page now and on signup page too. (See Affiliate_Link_On_Index_Page.txt file for more info)    - Updated downline page's new design upto 6 levels    **Files Updated**        List of files updated given in internal change log file.

Version | 30 April 2015

    **Bug Fixes**    - Added Option To See Expiry Date On Invoice Page Of Member    - Fixed Bug showing blank value in referral code. Added Ability as session instead of cookie.    **New Features**    - Oh Fresh!  New updated downline page for users. Now User can see level wise referrals (Maximum Level 4)    - Now Member can renew his account with any package, we mean that he can now change his package during renewing his account.    - Expiry date of the member's account will be updated as per new package terms.    **Files Updated**List of files given in changelog file.

Version | 4th February 2015

    **Bug Fixes**    -Updated Admin Dashboard - Now Admin Will see for only active user's counters and earnings on dashboard page, this is now actuall earnings and users.    -Updated Wrong Title In Forgot Password Page.    **New Features**    -Now Affiliate links will be valid for 30 days. Yes, on demand we did it. Now affilite Id will work even if user visits across multiple pages. (User must have cookies enabled)    **Files Updated**        -List Given In Internal changelog file

Version | 26 January 2015

    **Database Structure**    -Database structure has been updated and optimized,please update sql first, otherwise you will be flooded with the errors.        **Bug Fixes**    -Password Bug(s) Fixed On User Profile Page    -Now User Can Update E-Mail In Profile Page - This E-Mail Will Act As PayPal E-Mail if Admin Allowed User To Get Paid Via Paypal     -Updated Wrong Instructions On Profile Page    -Updated Wrong Placeholder Details On Profile Page    -Some Performance Improvements    -Updated Both Database files, for new installations. Previously It Was Creating Confusions In Users    **New Features**    -Now Owner Can Pay Money In Two Modes:     1. PayPal     2. Direct Bank (Manual)    -Admin Can Enable/Disable Either PayPal Or Direct Bank Options According To Their Convenience    -Now Users Can Choose Whether They Want To Get Paid Via PayPal To Direct Bank Deposit    -Incase Of Paypal, User's Registered Email Id Will Act As PayPal E-Mail    -Now Admin Can See User's PayPal Email Or Bank Account Details On Payment Requests Page        -Now This Script Supports Where PayPal Is Not Supported    **Documents Update**    -Changelog.txt File Updated    -Update Instructions.txt File Updated, Which Was Creating Some Confusion In Users.        List Of Files Updated:        List Given In Internal changelog file

Version | 2 January 2015

    -Updated missing attributes in sql    -Added Personal Invite Link In User Profile Page

Version | 1 January 2015

**Datebase Structure**    -Database structure has been updated and optimized,please update sql first,        otherwise you will be flooded with the errors.**Updates/Changes/Bug Fix/Optimization/**    -Fixed Wrong Title(s) On Signup Page(s)    -Changed Footer Text On Login/Sigup Page(s)    -Fixed Wrong Order Value During Checkout    -Fixed Wrong Currency Code During COD Checkout    -Fixed Wrong Profile Image Shown On User's Page And Admin Page    -Fixed Subname Shown Below User's Name, Previously It Was 'Art Director' For All         Users Not Admin    -Optimized Speed Of Pages During Signup (Now Faster)    -Updated Log File    -Added Update Instructions File    -Updated Installation Steps File    -Added Readme.txt file in SQL Folder    -Added Old SQL file also for emergency use**New Features**        -Send Invite Through URL. (Now users can bind their sponsor id in invite url)     (Every User has its own affiliate URL)    -Now Admin can see Amount requested By User for payment on Payment Requests Page    -Maintenance Mode - Disable Login, Registration Or Both. (User will be redirected        to maintenance page if enabled)    -Disable PayPal Payment Gateway    -Disable Cash On Delivery Payment Gateway    -Now Assign Different Payment Gateways For Each Package    -Example - 'A' Package Can Have Only Paypal Gateway And 'B' Package Can Have Only         Cash On Delivery Gateway    -Now Users Will Able To Choose Available Payment Gateway(s) For Payment.    -Now Users Will See Gold Member or Silver Member Or with Your Package Name,         Under Their Name(Just Below Profile Picture)    -Now Every Package Has Ability To Have Expiry Date (No of days could be define         for expiry)    -Example - 99999 days For Lifetime or 30 days for 1 month, 60 days for 2 Months Or         So On Can Be Added To Every Package, This will act as expiry date for user account.    -Now User will be checked if his account has expired or not during login, if          expired he will not able to login and msg will be shown to renew his account    -Now Users Needs To Repurchase/Renew His Account, If Expires. A Dedicated Page         Has Been Added Where Users Can Renew His Account By Entering His Registered         Username, But He Cant Change His Package, Package Remains The Same         (ONLY COD OPTION IS THERE TO RENEW ACCOUNT).    -Now Admin Can See Requests/Orders To Renew Account    -Once You Update Expiry Date, You will not able to see Renew Request         in your account.    -Admin Now Can See Renew/Repurchase Account Request    -Users Can Renew Their Accounts    -Ability to Take Backup Of All Database Is Now Available. Click One Button To        Backup Your Database In Zipped Format    -Backup Generator Link Can Only Be Access In Dashboard Page**File(s) Change/Update/Additions/**    -Several New Files are Added, Please Upload Whole Package Again To Update Folders         And Files    -Several Files are Updated, Please Upload Whole Package Again To Update Folders         And Files


    - Paypal Checkout Problem Fixed    - Cash On delivery Checkout Option Added - On demand By User    - Fixed Error When Updating Package    - Database Structure Updated    - Admin Can See COD and Paypal Orders Seperately    - Scrolling Problem Fixed on Notificatin Page    - Database Optimized    - Faster Execution Of Pages    - Invoice Print Alignment Fixed    - Security Bug Fixed Whlie Checking Out With Paypal    - Fixed Irrelevent Data priting on Payment.php page    - Fixed Error While Updating the User Details    - 1 New file Added In Admin - User/admin/paymentscod.php    - User's Notification long messages problem Fixed    - Contact.php - send mail file updated, message was not being sent, Fixed    - 1 new File Added - User/sendmail.php    - Fixed error while posting notification    - Fixed error While deleting notification    - Fixed Some bugs submitted by Users    - Database Connectivity Issues resolved faced by some usersFiles Updated:-All files Updated


    - Initial Release

This script is the advance version of my Previous script.