XCircular .Net custom control

XCircular .Net custom control Created by miky94x. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: XCircular is a .Net dll containing 3 new control to make your project more .

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XCircular .Net custom control
© Copyright by miky94x

Main Features:

  • Video preview resolution: 784×478
  • Software version: .NET 4.0
  • High resolution: None
  • Compatible browsers: None
  • Files included: Visual Basic VB, C# CS

XCircular is a .Net dll containing 3 new control to make your project more elegant

The zip file contains 2 guide “How to”, a demo application, the .vb file and the DLL file with the precompiled control, ready to add the reference and drag and drop into your application

The dll contains 3 custom control:

  • 1 Circular Progressbar
  • 1 Half Circuler Progressbar
  • 1 Circular wait

Every control have custom properties, easy to find because all begin with X

Thanks to 19 custom properties the possibilities is incredible, you can customize and change all the color, shape, border, gradient, dimension, inner ring and more…

Take a look to the video preview for a little example


XCircularProgressBar properties and feature:


XHalfCircularProgressBar properties and feature:


XCircularWait properties and feature:


I hope you enjoy