Clue TV | tvOS AppleTV Game Template for (Swift)

Clue TV | tvOS AppleTV Game Template for (Swift) Created by fvimagination. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Clue has features such as Compatible With: Swift, Software Version: Other .

You can use this Clue TV | tvOS AppleTV Game Template for (Swift) on Mobile category for cluedo, family, friends, investigation, social and another uses.

Clue TV | tvOS AppleTV Game Template for (Swift)
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Main Features:

  • Video preview resolution: None
  • Software version: Other
  • Compatible with: Swift
  • Files included: Layered PSD

Clue TV | tvOS Investigation Game Template (Swift)

Sep 24th 2016• Updated to Xcode 8

Clue TV is a game template based on popular Cluedo board game. It can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players, each player will need pen and Detective Sheet, it’s the perfect game for family and friends!
The game randomly puts all suspects into a different room based on players turns. When the player’s character is into a room he can select a suspect and a weapon to launch an accuse and see if he guessed the killer, the room and the weapon that have been used to kill Mr Black in his mansion. If he does not guess all of those 3 options, the system will show him a card from the ones he previously selected so he can check its cell on the Detective Sheet, since it means that such clue is not to keep in consideration.

Please note that all the other players will have not to watch the TV when a player’s card is shown. It’s the current player who tells “Done” when he checked the card and passes the SIRI remote to the next player.

ClueTV is written in Swift, native XCode project, easy to customize, PSD and Detective Sheet PDF included (you can upload this one on a web server and write its download link into your app’s description on iTunes Connect, so players will be able to download it and print it out. Otherwise they just can draw a similar sheet on their own with pen and paper).

  • tvOS 9/10+ – XCode 8.x project – Swift
  • Storyboard
  • From 2 to 4 players
  • Easy to reskin
  • Well commented code
  • User Guide included

Have fun with Clue TV, and don’t forget to rate it on your Downloads page!

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