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Main Features:

  • Software framework: None
  • Software version: Android 4.4.x, Android 4.3.x, Android 4.2.x
  • Files included: JavaScript JSON, XML, Layered PSD, Layered PNG, JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, HTML
  • Video preview resolution: None

CityTour is full application by using Titanium’s Alloy for Mobile App and CodeIgniter for Backend. Moreover, it supports JSON API also to link App and Backend. Our app will support for iOS(iPhone & iPad) and Android with portrait orientation.

Version 1.1.5Just some update to compatible with latest stable Titanium SDK version(5.2.2 GA). It will work latest iOS 9 and Android 5 & 6.

Version 1.1.4. Please take a look here for what is bugFix, new features and enhancement.

For iOS, Please provide your device’’s UDID and invite email. I will push from TestFlight.

Fantastics Reviews and Ratings

App Features is one more of strong reason to get 5 stars rating so I would like to highlight some cool and useful features from our CityTour Full Application :

For Mobile App

  1. Home Page For Category and Items
  2. GridView like Pinterest Style
  3. Map View (4) Item Details & Gallery
  4. Giving Review and Like for Item
  5. Sending Inquiry Message For Item
  6. User Registration
  7. User Login
  8. User Profile Update
  9. Forgot Password
  10. Explore on Map

For Backend

  1. Category and Item Creation
  2. Management for Like, Review and Inquiry Data
  3. Management for system users and registered users from App
  4. Data Visualization With Bar Chart and Pie Chart
  5. Export & Backup Database
  6. Different user role and access such as admin, manager and user

For Web Services

  1. Web Services List On Excel

Notice About Titanium License

Please aware for Titanium SDK license at here :

Change Log 1

Version : 1.1.0

Release Date : 7 Sept 2014

What’s New Feature?
1) Item Favourite Feature
2) Item Unlike Feature
3) News Feed Feature
4) User Logout Feature
5) Language Support
(All label and text are from config so easy to change another)

What’s Improvement?
1) Code Standard Improvement according that reference!/guide/JavaScript_Coding_Standards
2) To Support For Latest SDK 3.3.0 GA
3) Hide Navbar using custom theme at SDK 3.3.0 GA
4) Replace new font icons because added more icons for general usage
5) Replace with REST API
6) Change only one config as global. Because at last time some config values are from strings.js, some are from config.js. Now all config value are inside only config.js.
7) Allow “utf8” from Database. Field collation change to “utf8-general-ci”.

Bug Fixed– Some minor bug fix at over all

Message For Existing Buyer
There is some changes for coding style and flow from previous version 1.0 because we want to give better industry standards and practices at our item. As previous buyer of version 1.0, if you want to extend/add those new feature of your on going development project, please let us know and discuss more details. Here is our contact email

Change Log 2

Version : 1.1.1

Release Date : 9 Sept 2014

Bug Fixed
1) {Android} Minor bugFix for side menu issue. Please take a look below for detail.

Change Log 3

Version : 1.1.2

Release Date : 13 Sept 2014

What’s New Feature?
1) Call or SMS will come out when press phone number

Bug Fixed
1) Gallery bug when press photo at News Detail Page
2) {Android} Fix to show long text for phone and address at Item Detail Page

What you will get?

  1. Titanium Alloy Source Code
  2. CodeIgniter Backend Source Code
  3. Web Services
  4. App Logo PSD
  5. Splash Screen PSD
  6. App Design Pages PSD

All those features are ready to start and good enough for your full application development and customization. If you want to know more about it, please drop message to

Found Any Bugs? No worry at all. Please report to Appreciates it.