Porto – Responsive Drupal 7 Theme

Porto – Responsive Drupal 7 Theme Created by refaktor. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Porto has features such as High Resolution: No, Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Compatible With: Drupal Commerce, Bootstrap 3.x, Software Version: Drupal 7.4x, Columns: 2 .

You can use this Porto – Responsive Drupal 7 Theme on Cms themes category for boxed, business, commerce, drupal, jquery, php, rtl, wide and another uses.

Porto - Responsive Drupal 7 Theme
© Copyright by refaktor

Main Features:

  • Files included: PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
  • Software version: Drupal 7.4x
  • Layout: Responsive
  • Documentation: Well Documented
  • Compatible with: Drupal Commerce, Bootstrap 3.x
  • Compatible browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • High resolution: No
  • Columns: 2

Porto is a professional and multipurpose Drupal theme for any business or portfolio website. It’s fully responsive design ready to look stunning on any device.

Original HTML version by Okler

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Drupal Version Main Features


  • Tested with latest version of Drupal (7.5x)
  • Full demo install included
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Supports Drupal Commerce
  • Bootstrap 3.X
  • Support for “one-page” template.
  • Grid System and Responsive Design
  • RTL support included
  • Touch Swipe Support
  • Wide & Boxed Layouts
  • Light & Dark Versions
  • SEO Optimized
  • Over 350 Icons
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Owl Carousel
  • Nivo Slider
  • Premium resources
  • Responsive Pricing Tables
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Responsive Sorting Gallery
  • Bootstrap Components Compatible
  • Twitter & Flickr Feeds
  • All files are well commented and organized
  • Crossbrowser Compatible

Note: There are slight variations between the Drupal version and the original HTML version so please be sure to look at the demo for this version. This version will continually be updated to incorporate new features and changes to the original, but they will never be 100% similar. If you have specific questions please leave a comment or get in touch with us via our author page.

Demo Image Credits

Latest Updates

3.0.4 (07/12/16)  *Updated Drupal core and contrib modules in full install.  *Minor CSS tweaks/fixes.3.0.3 (02/10/16)  *Updated Drupal core in full install.  *Fixed date formatting in timeline view style to properly support multilingual sites.3.0.2 (02/10/16)  *Updated Drupal core in full install.  *Updated MD Slider to latest version.  *Updated Recent/Popular tabbed widget view to render fields instead of content.  *Minor CSS tweaks/fixes.3.0.1 (10/15/15)  *Updated Drupal core in full install.  *Fixed bug with boxed layout.  *Fixed bug with third level nav on mobile menu.  *Changed handling of product sale prices.  *Minor CSS tweaks/fixes.3.0 (10/05/15)  *Updated all theme vendor libraries.  *Removed gradient color option and added new secondary color options.  *Updated Drupal core in full install.  *Updated MD Slider to latest version.  *Added Drupal Commerce support.  *General style updates/improvements.2.1.1 (06/25/15)  *Updated prettyPhoto to 3.1.6.  *Improved menu functionality on touch devices with high resolutions.  *Updated Drupal core in full install.  *General style improvements and bug fixes.2.1 (04/18/15)  *New 'Porto Views' style plugin module with new Portfolio and Blog view layouts.  *Language styles now controlled by Drupal language settings rather than theme setting.  *Responsive fix for Owl Carousel.  *Better support for taxonomy term pages.  *Updated Drupal core in full install.  *General style tweaks and bug fixes.2.0.8 (03/12/15)  *Boxed layout sticky header functionality.  *Fixed isotope issue with periods inside taxonomy terms.  *Owl Carousel JS fix.  *Updated MD Slider to latest version.  *Fix for tooltips on progress bars.2.0.7 (01/08/15)  *Added RTL support.  *Updated Owl Carousel.  *Updated MD Slider.2.0.6 (11/27/14)  *Fixed PHP timeout error on unpublished nodes utilizing theme pagination.  *Fixed issue in article template files related to disabling Comment module.  *Updated Drupal core in full install.  *Fixed portfolio pagination bug.2.0.5 (11/06/14)  *Fix for missing icons related to 2.0.4 update.  *Fixed issue with menu/button gradient.  *Fixed issue with search input text.  *Updated Drupal core in full install.2.0.4 (09/30/14)  *Added basic Drupal forum styles.  *Added 'One Page' content type and page template for better 'One Page' layout support.  *Added Bootstrap 3 alert classes to Drupal message wrappers.  *Improved mobile menu parent link functionality.  *Revised footer region markup.  *Updated MD Slider.2.0.3 (08/19/14)  *Removed all !important tags from .less files for better customization support.  *Updated Font Awesome to version 4.10.  *Max width for latest projects content image.  *Fixed issue with active class on portfolio filter buttons.  *Bootstrap.css now called in html.tpl.php to fix @import conflict with respond.js(IE8 fix).  *Updated Drupal core in full install.  *Updated documentation.2.0.2 (07/29/14)  *Added logo height setting for regular and sticky header layout.  *Removed extra  from contact template.  *Fixed issue with 'latest posts' view and odd number of items.  *Modified output of body field in FAQ node template.  *Improved responsive appearance of NivoSlider.  *Updated Drupal core in full install.  *Updated MD Slider.  *Other minor fixes.2.0.1 (07/03/14)  *Fixed issue with sub-menu links in mobile navigation.  *Fixed issue with 'Home Concept' circle URLs.  *Fixed minor layout issue with Bootstrap modal footer buttons.  *Fixed disappearing menu when last menu item has children.  *Fixed PHP error in porto_item_list function.2.0 (06/18/14)  *Updated Bootstrap to version 3.1.1.  *New 'Dark' background color option.  *Replaced Flexslider with Owl Carousel.  *New sections/layouts including Video Background, Portfolio Full Width, Team Member etc.   *Updated Drupal Core in full install.  *Updated 'Mega Slider' module to latest version.  *Style and layout improvements.1.3 (04/01/14)  *Additional improvements for special characters in taxonomy terms.  *Updated Drupal Core in full demo install.  *Updated Mega Slider module to latest version.  *Fixed issue with pagination in Portfolio block.  *Fixed several missing translation function wrappers.   *Renamed several view node templates to fix issue with adding additional displays.  *Fixed issue related to LESS errors on admin pages.  *CSS files no longer called in preprocess_html function.  *Porto navigation markup/style now only applies to menus in the 'Header Menu' region.1.2.3 (11/11/13)  *Updated 'Mega Slider' to latest 2.4 version.  *'About author' section will no longer display if Profile2 module is not activated.  *Added a couple missing t() wrappers to theme generated strings.  *Fixed search input issue.1.2.2 (11/1/13)  *Fixed issue with page title bottom border color/position.  *Fixed issue with DB export for full install.1.2.1 (10/31/13)  *Fixed missing call to Drupal links in node--article.tpl.  *Fixed custom color not working on search icon button.  *Fixed issue with header search input width.  *Removed hyphen from in between words on Portfolio/Team category display.  *'Comments' will now read 'Comment' in post meta if there is only one comment.  *Fixed issue with hashtags in Twitter widget.   *Site title will use H1 tag if page title is not present, otherwise page title will use H1.1.2 (10/15/13)  *Social icons in Team block will only display if URL is entered into field.  *Fixed bug where comment date was the same as the node date.  *Fixed issue with Drupal classes not being added to the body tag.  *Fixed location issue with maps pin.  *Fixed bug related to team filters and multiple terms on the same node.  *Added support for 'Popular/Recent' posts view block.  *Basic styling for Drupal Commerce elements (shopping cart, checkout page, order review)  *Button styling applied to all submit buttons.1.1.3 (09/09/13)  *Fixed bug related to portfolio filters and multiple terms on the same node.  *Added theme setting for Footer ribbon.  *Added unique classes to post meta element wrappers.  *Fixed double class definition in branding element.  *Fixed issue with NivoSlider in IE.  *Improved handling of sitemap on full install.1.1.2 (08/28/13)  *Max height/width set for testimonial images.  *Fixed styling of 'Log in' submit button on user login form.  *Parallax effect now properly disabled on touch devices.  *Fixed 'zoom here' feature on Google Map.  *Fixed logo/sitename overlap with branding section.  *Added support for CSS3 animations.  *Fixed accordion bug on one page template.  *Reverted to previous version of Mega Slider for improved stability.  *Updated documentation.1.1.1 (08/14/13)  *Fixed a bug with the header/menu related to the 1.1 update.1.1 (08/14/13)  *Updated Drupal core in full installation.  *Added new templates for Testimonials, FAQ, Parallax and Carousel content type/View blocks.  *Fix for Portfolio/Team filter terms with multiple words.  *Support for 'One Page' template.  *Fixed issue in IE10 related to search input button.  *New theme setting to toggle the use of the 'sticky header'.  *Updated Mega Slider to latest version.  *General bug and style fixes.1.0.3 (08/05/13)  *Re-organized branding section to clean up different configuration scenarios.  *Additional tweaks related to previous menu fix.  *Updated slider module.  *Fixed issue with search block at resolutions below 768px.1.0.2 (08/02/13)  *Tweaked menu preprocess functions to fix a menu depth issue.  *Fixed misnamed module folder in demo install.  *Ensure breadcrumb wrapper will never show on front page.  *Fixed a logic error in porto_fields causing certain field content to not display.   *Lightbox on Flickr images now shows next/prev links.   *Updated docs.  *Fixed weird permissions on Drupal folder in /licenses.1.0.1 (07/24/13)  *Updated Google Fonts and Maps links for SSL compatibility.  *Fixed PHP error on article nodes when Profile2 module is missing.  *Updated documentation.1.0 (07/20/13)  *Initial release.